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Card Types

You can create a program for your protoype by adding and configuring cards. There are two types of cards in blokdots: “If This Then That” cards and “Mapping” cards.

Card Selection

A button in the Project Window’s main area lets you easily select one of these two.

If This Then That Cards

cmd ⌘Space


If This Then That cards are the most simple type of cards: They wait for somthing to happen, then trigger an action. To add a new card of this type to your project, press the “If … then …” button in the top left corner of the cards section in the Project View.

Now fill out the sentence to configure your card: Fist pick a component that you want to trigger the action and specify the circumstances. Then select a component to perform the action and specify its behaviour. Every one of the colored boxes in the card is a dropdown menu, giving you several options to choose from.

Mapping Cards

cmd ⌘shift ⇧Space

Mapping Card

Mapping cards describe a continous relationship between to components. This means you can directly map the values from an in-component to the value of an out-component. For example a the position of a Potentiometer can control the brightness of an LED, or the value of a Temperature Sensor can control the position of a Servo Motor.

The relationship between the two components you select is linear, but you can control the minimum and maximum value of both components, allowing you to create flexible mappings.

Working with Cards

Deleting a Card

If you don’t need a card anymore, you can click the “×” symbol in the right corner of its header to delete it.

Naming Cards

By default the cards you create a just numbered, but you can give them more helpful names. Simpley click the name of the card in the card’s header and enter the new name.

Disabling Cards

If you want to run your project without a specific card you can disable it temporarily. Click the toggle switch on the right side of the card’s header to disable or enable it.

Filtering Cards

When you have many cards it can be helpful to use the filter bar to find the one you are looking for. You find it on the top of the cards section in the Project View. When typing in your query, blokdots will filter the cards below. You can filter by the name of a card, the name of a component or the value of a parameter.

Card Shortcuts Overview