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blokdots is a simple to use software to build interactive hardware prototypes without writing a line of code.

If  is times,
 then  should 

Get the app now and start prototyping immediately!


If this then that,
it’s that simple.

With blokdots you are able to program hardware without any line of code. Just build your prototypes with easy, step-by-step sentences.

Plug it in and you are ready to go!

To use the blokdots app you need an Arduino as a base. On top of that you can use the base shield together with the grove components by Seeed Studio, so you don’t need to worry about wiring your hardware. Simply plug it in, select it within the software and start prototyping.

Our goal is for everyone to be able to build their ideas for a better future. — We help them do this by enabling them to quickly prototype complex, high-quality hardware interactions. About