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blokdots Logoblokdots pro

Get blokdots pro now, and profit from directly connecting your hardware to tools like ProtoPie, Socket.IO, or Figma, with over 30 supported components.

Base Hardware Components
All Supported Hardware Components
Logic Clauses
Control Components
Code Export

The app comes with a 14-day free trial of blokdots pro!

99€/year or 15€/month

excl. VAT

Buy Nowblokdots pro licenses are sold and distributed by Lemon Squeezy on our behalf.

We love learning! You are a student or teacher? Get the education discount.

Our education discount entails a 80% price decrease, hence 3€/month or 20€/year (excl. VAT). Write us an email with a proof of your education status (e.g. an .edu email address or a photo of your student ID) and we will send you your discount code that is valid for 12 months. You can reapply for an education discount code as long as you are eligible. moc.stodkolb@troppus

If you are a school or other instiution and want to use blokdots in a classroom setting, get in touch with us. moc.stodkolb@troppus