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We offer single- and multi-day workshops for companies, schools and universities where we teach rapid hardware prototyping with Arduino and blokdots. To learn more or to discuss your individual needs, please get in touch via moc.stodkolb@spohskrow

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Everyone can sketch with hardware! That’s why we talk less and make more!

You will experience the basic principles and building blocks of physical computing in a hands-on workshop format that takes you from absolute beginner to building your own ideas in just a few hours. Each step is carefully crafted to overcome any fears of tinkering with hardware and to unlock your potential for exploration.

Together we will brainstorm ideas for quick hardware sketches and immediately create the first prototypes. Our experienced trainers will support you whenever needed.

In a one-day workshop we cover several concepts with increasing complexity — from simple reactions to logical control structures — enabling participants to quickly create, test and iterate interactions with hardware.

Here’s an overview of the workshop content:

  • Understanding the different component types and how they are used
  • Hands-on experience with ideation methods from the Design Thinking toolkit
  • Self-directed exploration of ideas with hardware sketches
  • Combining apps and hardware into connected products
  • How the underlying technologies work together and which trade-offs we make
  • Outlook on the journey from hardware sketching to more serious prototypes

We’re always happy to include our integrations for Figma and ProtoPie into the workshop program and introduce the methods for connecting hardware to GUI protoypes. Ready to sketch experiences that blur the lines between hardware and software?

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You think a workshop like this could be interesting for you or your team? Then get in touch with us moc.stodkolb@spohskrow