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Powerful prototyping for every level.

IFTTT, mapping, code export, and Figma integration. No matter what your skill level is, blokdots helps you to create your prototype.


If blokdots is used,
then magic will happen.

Create your prototype step by step. Just focus on what you are currently facing, by simply connecting components like sentences, just like the one below. Click on the colored boxes to see some options!

If  is times,
 then  should 

Control your GUI in Figma

Our new Figma plugin allows you to control your visual UI with hardware. Add all the elements you want and manipulate them like any other component.

Get the plugin
Brightness Sensor

Many Components, One Wizard

It’s not always easy to figure out where to plug in a component. blokdots helps you to find the right slot easily, so you can just focus on your prototype.

The Live View a.k.a. the control centre of your hardware

You don’t know how a sensor behaves and want to test it before you know if you want to use it? No worries, the Live View lets you control all your components without even needing to set up a project. Just plug it in and start your experiments – it even comes with live visualisations!


Map components visually

Mapping the value of one component to that of another one can sometimes be hard to grasp. Mapping cards help you understand the relationships by using visual feedback. Try moving the sliders below to see how the components respond!


Virtually boost up your prototype

Sometimes hardware components are not enough. Virtual components help you to give your project a little bit of logic. Read about their functionalities to understand when to use them best.

  • Project
  • Counter
  • Timer
  • Metronome
  • Signal Tower
This basically is a trigger for blokdots itself. It helps you set up default states for your prototype when the project is started or stopped.
// ---- Setup the board ----
var five = require("johnny-five");
var board = new five.Board();

// -- Setup vars
var led;

// ---- IFTTT ----

// Project Start Signal
function ProjectStartSignalReaction() {
  setTimeout(function() {
  }, 5000)

// ---- Run ----
board.on('ready', function() {
  // -- Setup components
  led = new five.Led(2);

  // -- Run reaction when project starts

  // Project Start Signal

// ---- Stop ----
function stop() {
  // Remove event listeners
  if (led && led._events) {

Go even further
— with code

Once blokdots limits are reached, you can seamlessly continue with your program by exporting the human-readable code. Using node js and johnny-five, just continue where you left off.

Get the app now and start prototyping immediately!