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Project View

blokdots’ second window is the Project View. This is where your actually build your prototype and can create your programs.

Using a Component in a Project

You need to tell blokdots which of the components that are currently connected and set up in the Live View you want to use in your project.

You do this in the Project View’s Project Components section on the left side of the window. There you see a list of all your Arduino’s slots and a preview of the components which are set up. To use a component in your project, click the “use” button on the right side of the slot. The component now become active. If you remove it from the Live View, it still is active in the Project View, because blokdots knows your project will only work if the component is set up.

If you do not need a component in your project any more you can remove it: move your mouse over the appropriate slot. A “×” symbol appears in the top right corner of the slot. Click the symbol to remove the component.

You can also give a component a custom name, for example if you use multiple components if of the same type in a project. Simply click on the name of the component in the Project Components section and type in the custom name.

Project Component States


In Use


Required But Not Set Up

Required But Nothing Set Up In Slot

Required But Other Component Occupies Slot

Opening a Project

cmd ⌘O

blokdots works like any other macOS program for editing files, which means you can save and open your project as a document. When you open a previously saved project, the Project View will display the project. The Live View will not change, because it always displays the actual current state of your Arduino, not a “saved” state.

Project Head

That means it can happen that you open a project that uses specific components, which are not set up in the Live View right now. To run the project you have to make sure to connect the components which you can see in the project’s Project Components section to your Arduino and set them up in the Live View. To automatically set up all the project’s slots at once, click the button showing a symbol of two arrows in the top left corner of the

Running Your Project

cmd ⌘R
Project Head

To run your project, press the big play button in the top left corner of the Project View. If there is an error in your project, it will be displayed up there as well. When you change your project while it is running, a small green indicator appears. Changes will only be effective, after you stop and restart your project.

Project View Shortcuts Overview

  • cmd ⌘E
    Export Code
  • cmd ⌘N
    New Project
  • cmd ⌘O
    Open Project
  • cmd ⌘S
    Save Project
  • cmd ⌘shift ⇧S
    Save Project As …