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Privacy and Tracking

When you start blokdots for the first time, you are asked if you are okay with us collecting some usage data through the app. Unless you explicitly set the checkmark and opt-in no data is collected whatsoever. If you change your mind you can always update the setting in the preference panel of blokdots.

How We Track

We use Mixpanel to collect usage data. The data is tied to an anonymized user id (there is no way for us to find out who you are based on the data we receive).

What We Track and Why

We believe that getting some information about how our users actually use blokdots will help us improve the app and make sure we deliver the most value to our users. We greatly appreciate it if you choose to allow us to collect some usage data.

We make sure to never collect any data that lets us identify you or the specific content of your project.

If you allow us to collect your usage data, this is what we track:

  • That you use the app: We compile a number of monthly active users.
  • Which version of the app you use: We keep track of which versions of the app are actually in use because when we push bug fixes we need to know which versions of the app to target.
  • That you added a card: We use this as a general indicator for how active our users are.
  • That you ran a prototype: To understand how users use the app, we want to collect some information about the projects that are created. We do not track the name of any project or card. We only track how many cards are in a project and which components are used (see below).
  • Which components are used: We would like to add more components to blokdots, to make it more useful to more users. To know which direction we should go in, it is important for us which components are actually being used in projects (and how often). Which components are used in a project is only tracked when you run the prototype.
  • That you used the export code function: We want to know how often this feature is being used so that we can decide how important it actually is for our users.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to our support contact provided below.