hardware prototyping reimagined

A New Era of Prototypes

Technology is getting more and more important in our products nowadays. Terms like Internet of Things are getting usual. Apps and interactive products are everywhere around us.

While it is easy to create and test software prototypes through tools like Sketch, Framer and Figma, it's incredibly complicated to create hardware prototypes.

blokdots focuses right there. Enabling anyone to design and test hardware products. Let us show you how!

What did people say:

Such a tool is missing in our daily workflow.

The next logical step after GUI prototyping tools.

We would have needed this in our last projects.

Wiring as simple as listening to music.

Every hardware element can easily be connected via a regular phone jack cable, just like using your headphones. No annoying wiring.

Ready to use components.

Each component has everything it needs already on board so you do not have think about resistors or the correct circuit.

Simply Do It

Using the software, you can easily programm your prototypes like the webservice IFTTT. You want to know how simple it actually is? Try changing the color here:

  • button
  • led strip
  • pressed
  • led strip
  • change
  • color
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • white

Programming hardware 
has never been easier.

Using simple if-this-then-that connections, most cases can be prototyped without coding. Even more complex reactions can be triggered by activating each other.

blokdots 💛 GUI & Hardware

With our GUI builder, you can easily test your prototypes in every way. Simply draw your boxes on the screen, like you are used to in InVision, and use it as input or output in the blokdots software.
No more annoying setting up a server on your microcontroller, just start prototyping.

There is an app for that.

Want to use it on the go or want to let your future users experiment within a workshop? Use the app on a smartphone and start programming in a tap.

Need more? Just code with JavaScript, as you are used to.

We built a simple API allowing you to just use our components in your code. Using JavaScript it is easy to include it in e.g. your Framer prototype. And if you need help, just look in our docs. The sky is the limit.

And Even More Features

Haptic Interface

The Interface is a single-slot-brain which can be used without the app, perfect for wizard-of-oz testing. In addition to that it lets you input values for your programms physically.


Within the library you can store and retrieve actions, components and even whole setups. You will be able to download other parts later on our website, so you can widen the possibilities of blokdots.

Universal Adapters

You have a special project with a sensor not yet provided by blokdots? Use the universal connector to make your element compatible with the system.


With chorerographies you can record and play back any sort of digital values over time. E.g. you could have on specific way of a motor running. Record how it should be and just play it back in your programm when its needed.

Live View

The live view helps you to get and send values, so you can test your components before you need to write even one line of code!


Connect blokdots via USB, bluetooth or WiFi, whichever connection works best for your project.

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Are you thrilled about the future of hardware prototyping, too?